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About Egypt Air

Egypt Air is a world-renowned airline situated at Cairo International Airport. The airline operates passenger and freight services from the primary hub to more than 81 destinations. The airline is also an active member of Star Alliance. Being Egypt's national flag carrier, it has active flight operations from Cairo and is considered the premium airline in the Middle East region. The airlines cover flight operations to more than 78 destinations in 53 countries. The low-cost airfares allow the airline to stay ahead in the aviation industry. Besides, passenger getting access to standard amenities keep the journey pleasant. Egypt Air collaborates with the leading airlines in the world. The Star Alliance membership allows them to take advantage of the extensive flight network of other associated airlines serving 162 destinations across the globe. With a user-friendly interface for making online bookings, Egypt Air has become the foremost airline in the Middle East. The airlines also deal in cargo services and manage all the transportation tasks.


EgyptAir routes cover a vast network connecting Egypt with major global cities. With its main hubs at Cairo International Airport and Borg El Arab Airport, the airline provides a seamless travel experience for both domestic and international passengers.

  • Luxor to Cairo
  • Aswan to Cairo
  • Jeddah to Cairo
  • Cairo to Munich
  • Cairo to Lagos
  • Madrid to Cairo
  • Nairobi to Cairo
  • Tripoli to Cairo
  • Lagos to Cairo
  • Cairo to New York City


  • Passengers can look forward to a comfortable journey with various entertainment options such as personal screens featuring a wide selection of movies, TV shows, music channels, and interactive games.
  • The Complimentary earphones are provided for passengers' convenience to ensure they are entertained throughout the journey.
  • Egypt Air provides pillows and blankets to ensure a restful flight experience.
  • Passengers on long-haul flights are served delicious meals with a choice between international and Egyptian cuisine.
  • Access a range of beverages, including non-alcoholic and alcoholic beverages, available on demand.
  • For those seeking relaxation or work opportunities during their flight, Business, and First-Class passengers have access to exclusive lounges equipped with contemporary facilities like Wi-Fi connectivity and charging stations.


  • i) Business Class : The premium cabin has big seats and ample legroom, curating a pleasant journey experience. In addition, flyers get eight winged headrests. The seat pitch is broader, with a width of 20 inches. Also, the experienced cabin crew works closely with the passengers' requirements, allowing them a remarkable journey. The business-class cabin is designed to provide a serene and exclusive atmosphere, catering to the needs of discerning travelers. Passengers can indulge in spacious seating arrangements that ensure privacy and ample legroom for enhanced comfort throughout the journey. The dining experience in Egypt Air business class is exceptional, with a delectable array of gourmet meals representing international and Egyptian cuisine. With excellent connectivity options, generous baggage allowance, and access to premium lounges at selected airports, Egypt Air business class guarantees maximum convenience and an outstanding travel experience for its esteemed clientele.
  • ii) Economy Class : This affordable cabin option offers passengers a comfortable and convenient flying experience at an affordable price. With spacious seating arrangements and ample legroom, travelers can relax throughout the journey. The cabin is designed with a subtle blend of traditional Egyptian elements and contemporary aesthetics, creating an inviting atmosphere. Passengers are provided with amenities and in-flight entertainment options to ensure a pleasant flight experience. The courteous and professional cabin crew attends to passengers' needs, delivering exceptional service with attention to detail. EgyptAir also offers delectable meals that cater to diverse dietary preferences. From the moment passengers’ step on board until they reach their destination, EgyptAir Economy Class strives to provide a satisfactory travel experience for business and leisure travelers.


  • i) Web Check-In : Egypt Air offers a convenient and efficient web check-in service that allows passengers to check in for their flights from the comfort of their homes or offices. This innovative feature saves time and ensures a smooth travel experience, particularly for those familiar with the process. The web check-in gives users a simple and user-friendly interface, allowing them to select their preferred seats easily, provide necessary travel documents, and even print their boarding passes in advance. Moreover, this service is available 48 hours before departure, catering to leisure and business travelers. Egypt Air aims to enhance customer satisfaction by eliminating long queues at airport counters and enabling passengers to proceed swiftly through security checkpoints on the day of travel. Overall, Egypt Air's web check-in service focuses on convenience and efficiency in air travel, streamlining the pre-flight process for passengers professionally.
  • ii) Mobile Check-In : Egypt Air Mobile Check-In is a highly efficient and convenient service allowing passengers to check in for their flights using mobile devices. This feature not only saves time but also provides ease of access for travelers. With the mobile check-in option, passengers can select their seats, input passport information, and receive a digital boarding pass directly on their smartphones or tablets. Additionally, this innovative service enables travelers to skip lengthy queues at the airport counters, minimizing waiting times and enhancing the overall travel experience. Egypt Air Mobile Check-In ensures flexibility by allowing passengers to complete check-in anytime and anywhere within the designated time frame before their flight departure. Overall, this convenient feature offered by Egypt Air displays the airline's commitment to embracing technology and providing hassle-free experiences for its valued customers.
  • iii) Kiosk Check-In : The Kiosk Check-In is an efficient and user-friendly service offered by Egypt Air, providing passengers with the convenience of self-check-in at the airport. The kiosks are equipped with state-of-the-art technology and intuitive interfaces, allowing travelers to complete the check-in process smoothly and effortlessly. Passengers can easily print their boarding passes, select or change seats, and check baggage. This innovative self-service option saves passengers precious time and reduces long queues at traditional check-in counters, enhancing the airport experience. Moreover, Egypt Air Kiosk Check-In provides a secure platform for passengers to review their travel itineraries and seamlessly manage any last-minute modifications before boarding a flight.

How to Book Egypt Air Flights?

  • Go to the official website of Egypt Air and submit the requested details on the booking form.
  • Click the continue button to find the flight booking option.
  • Select the flight option according to your requirements.
  • Choose the itinerary page.
  • Submit personal details such as name, gender, age, number of passengers, and cabin type.
  • Accept the terms and conditions before selecting the mode of payment.
  • Select the preferred payment method for finishing the payment.
  • Once everything is completed correctly, the booking confirmation details will be delivered to your provided contact information.